Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 Christmas Tree Cutting Extravaganza

This year, as with every other year, we had a great time searching for the perfect Christmas tree. This has been such a fun tradition (my parents would take us out as kids growing up, and Brad and I continue the tradition with my parents still---Kass couldn't make it this year, which was too bad). This year we kind of kicked the tradition off a few weeks early by going up to Soldier Hollow at 6:00am to pick up our wrist bands for tree permits. Becuase the actual permits are not given out until 8:00am we hit up The Hub in Heber for breakfast. I'm hoping this will be a new kick-start to the tradition for the upcoming years as well :)

We loaded up the truck and headed up Daniel's Summit this year to start our annual tree cutting extravaganza. It was Charlie's first year of joining us in the adventure and he had a BLAST. We let him run off his leash and I was so impressed at how well he did at coming when called and sticking around by us. What a good dog! He had a hair cut just the week before and so we bought him a little coat (I know, I know...) to wear for the occasion. His poor little toes were covered in hardcore iceballs by the time we were done....I have seen dog snowboots at Sportsman's Warehouse before, and like you are probably doing right now I giggled and made fun, but after this trip I can totally see why people buy them for their dogs. Santa may be bringing Charlie a pair this year because he LOVES the snow but could barely stand after we got back to the truck due to the iceballs.

After searching for a couple hrs for the perfect trees to take home, we hauled them back up to the truck where we continued our tradition of building a fire, roasting hot dogs, and drinking hot cider. It was a ton of fun, and luckily we didn't have any huge mishaps like we did the last year we went (although, that trip was one of the very most memorable so far and we still love to talk and laugh (now that we can) about it!)

Abominable Snow Dog:

Charlie was constantly trying to get in the front of the line:

Checking to see if it's the right/legal tree to cut...turns out it might not've been, but they took it home (hehe)

Mommy, daughter:

I think this speaks for itself:

Mom & Dad

"What's next?!"

Family photo opp:
Poor Charile wore himself out and decided to nestle in the snow as we cut down our tree

Charlie & I have matching coats:

Hauling out their tree:

Roasting dogs & drinkin cider after the tree hunt:

And of course it was a NO BRAINER that I just HAD to decorate our tree in cupcakes this year! I made some really cute, realistic cupcake ornaments (from cupcake liners, small foam balls & spackle frosting). I was so excited to finally be able to put them on the tree.


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